Far from me

You’ve gone far away,

Too far to be touched.

You’ve gone far from me,

Too far for me to see.

You’ve gone far from humanity,

Far away from this insanity.

You’ve taken your wings,

And flown away with your heavenly rings.

You’ve left to embark,

On a mission where you’ll make a mark.

Here without your big blue eyes,

Here looking into the deep blue skies.

Here without your crooked smile,

Without you ten feet feels like 100 miles.

Here without your obnoxious laugh,

I feel like a small, lost, calf.

Here without your funny faces,

I feel like a card deck with no aces.

Here without your words of wisdom,

I feel trapped inside a prism.

Here without your warm embrace,

My heart grows an empty space.

I smell your perfume,

I see your pictures,

I look at your pile of clothes,

All untouched, unmoved,

Since the day we lost…,



Pretty things.

Sometimes pretty things, aren’t very pretty underneath the surface. The cute boy you met in eighth grade, turns out to be the monster that manipulates you and controls you with fear. The pretty girl you called your bestfriend, turns out to be the one spilling all of your secrets. The beautiful roses outside of your grandmother’s house, draw blood from your fingers when you grip the thorns to pluck one. The pretty blue sky, is the same sky that rains screaming balls of ice down on your brand new car. The astounding beauty of the lion, thing King of the Savannah’s, masks it’s murderous lust for the fresh meat of it’s prey. Pretty things aren’t always pretty deep down. The girl with the pretty blue eyes down the street, screams for help each night as she gets beaten for the third time that week. The most beautiful woman you have ever seen, is fighting extreme depression. You see, you can’t look at the surface of anything or anyone, and assume. You have to get under the surface, you have to look behind the cover of the book. Because pretty things, aren’t always as they seem.

I am

I am a young girl, I look into the mirror and see what everyone else must see, except, I see more deeply into my own soul them the strangers on the street. I see a girl who has spent a year starving herself, trying to loose weight. I see a girl who gave herself an eating disorder because she didn’t believe she was small enough. I see a girl who smokes cigarettes to blacken her lungs. I see a girl who has felt a lot of loss. I see a girl who can’t comprehend how cruel the world could be.